Some advice on vice

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Vices appear to be the norm but it shouldn’t. The list of vices is long but the main vices are smoking, alcoholism, gambling, casual sex, gluttony and drugs. Of course to this, there is a much longer list.

For now let us focus on these vices as they are the most common.

Smoking is a definite no-no. Smoking does nothing except to produce relief from stress but it creates a whole lot of other ills and that is why those who smoke should get on a “Quit Smoking” program as soon as they can.

As for gambling there is nothing wrong in going to the horse racing track or the casino or betting shops. But there is latent danger as these activities can be addictive and everyone who gambles should put in place a Responsible Gambling Policy (RGP).

Perhaps once a week or fortnightly it is alright to have a couple of beers or a glass of wine or two as consuming alcohol in moderation is good for one’s health. But not the hard stuff and spirits as they quickly destroy you and lead you to addiction.

Sex is good and meant for pleasure and procreation. But casual sex can cause cracks and fissures to take place in our soul. This is why the most gratifying love making is within a marriage between husband and wife.

The reason people eat is actually to live. But there are people who appear to live to eat. Their food consumption is really tremendous and can lead to ill health, obesity and other health issues such as the most common being diabetes and hypertension.

Getting high on drugs is dangerous territory and in Malaysia drug addiction is on the rise and considered a public enemy.  Often drug addiction leads to tragic and savage consequences such as going to jail or to rehabilitation centres for help and recovery.

Whatever the vice that grips a person, it destroys the person’s health, relationships, finances and their work, study or business and very often when a vice gets out of control it can even spell our untimely demise.

Always, in everything in life, learn to practise self-control and moderation as too much of something is good for nothing.


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