CSR Malaysia: Burgeoning The Relationship Between Corporate Citizens & Underprivileged Communities Through Public Initiative

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Creating a global community that loves and values the environment is easier said than done. Especially so when corporations lack the direction necessary when it comes to better accomplishing their CSR goals.

While most often see engaging in CSR activities as a means to an end or a checkmark in their yearly to-do list of things required of them by the state, one publication is looking to change the way corporations view and initiate in charitable endeavors by acting a means to bridge the gap between the society and the needy.

Spearheaded by its Chairman and Founder Dato’ R. Rajendran and Managing Editor, Mr. Lee Seng Chee, CSR Malaysia shares the unwavering commitment of corporations in Malaysia towards the community at large and their inherent roles as change agents in the socio-economic transformation of the country.

Dato’ R. Rajendran, Chairman of CSR Malaysia
Dato’ R. Rajendran, Chairman of CSR Malaysia

With aspirations for Malaysia to soar higher than just generating profits and developing world-class buildings and infrastructures, their sole mission is to promote sustainable economies by featuring CSR initiatives of corporations in Malaysia and serving the needy.

“CSR Malaysia can be considered a social enterprise whereby monies generated through the publication are used for carrying out CSR Malaysia’s own activities and sustainability initiatives,” says Dato’ R Rajendran.

“We like to see ourselves as a bridge between corporate companies and the needy by holding various events that benefit the poor.”

According to a recent study carried out by CSR Malaysia and Sustainability Malaysia, companies that embrace sustainability have a clear vision on ensuring the companies’ longevity and they develop strategies to that effect.

Dato Rajendran believes that in order for successful global companies to soar higher, corporate Malaysia needs to adopt a greener supply chain, reduce pollution and waste and minimize its footprint through the subtle acts such as promoting energy and water efficiency, increase productivity and optimize material usage and adopt good labour practices, while also not forgetting to do good for the communities.

“Corporate sustainability is much more than just a buzzword for the businesses of today. Sustainable economic growth promotes jobs and stronger economies while countering the effects of climate change, pollution and other environmental factors.  Being sustainable improves health, increase safety, and save money.”

“Sustainability concepts should be adopted and integrated into more than one aspect of a business and across many levels of its organization. The practice of sustainability includes consideration and involvement of all the stakeholders while not neglecting the community as well as the environment,” says Dato Rajendran.

Prior to the global pandemic, CSR Malaysia would organize carnivals and events, supported by the Ministry of Women, Family & Community Development, which welcomed corporate and government bodies to promote a sustainable community and to help the poor by carrying out welfare programmes involving corporate sustainability, while also bringing awareness to noble causes.

Earlier this year, CSR Malaysia engaged in a collaborative partnership with the Food Aid Foundation (FAF), a non-profit governmental organization (NGO) that makes use of unwanted foods donated from distributors, wholesalers and companies as a means to provide provisions to charitable/welfare homes, refugee communities, poor families and soup kitchens.

This saw the team at CSR Malaysia stepping into the heart of the kitchen at FAF to try their hand at preparing and cooking wholesome, hearty meals for the residents of select communities and homes.

“Now, we focus on bringing that same message through virtual methods adhering to the situation like webinar forums on sustainability and also connecting corporate companies and the needy.”

Since their launch on November 2013, CSR Malaysia has shared the unwavering commitment of corporations in Malaysia to their readers through promising CSR success stories of sustainability efforts made by local corporations, with the objective to inspire individuals and companies on the importance and benefits of sustainability.

“We hope that our stories bring inspiration to our readers, corporate and non-corporate, on the importance of corporate sustainability and social responsibility, and instill noble values in the younger generation, with the hopes that one day they will raise corporate communities that are conscious of sustainability in their businesses,” aspires Dato Rajendran.

Following the motto of “Beyond Profits, Making Our World A Better Place”, CSR Malaysia is a KDN-approved social project and quarterly publication that work under the legal publication permit approved by the Ministry of Home Affairs and a trademark label recognized by the Intellectual Property Corporation (MyIPO).

CSR Malaysia also comes under the auspices Pertubuhan Amal Tanggungjawab Kemapanan Dan Korporat Malaysia (Sustainability Malaysia), the national body for Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility in Malaysia which aims to carry out activities and programmes to promote sustainability efforts on a global scale.