Bring back the reverence for elders

by | Jul 18, 2021 | Opinions | 0 comments


Unlike in times past, gone are the days when there is reverence for elders. It’s in fact an I, me and myself first attitude by the younger generation nowadays that they pay scant respect for elders or even have any thought and consideration for them.

This is a painful phenomenon. The elderly, despite their vast wealth of knowledge and experience, are in today’s world generally brushed aside and kept in the shadows despite their willingness to contribute to society.

The aging or greying population have made sacrifices and paid the price of hard work and toil to build a future that is brighter and better for the younger set and it is only right and proper that they receive reverence and respect for this in return.

Unlike in Western countries, Asians traditionally cherish familial ties. But not anymore. In line with globalization, Asians are starting to ape blindly the West by being cold, aloof and indifferent to their elders.

If there was warmth and camaraderie between the younger generation and their elders, it was all in the distant past. In today’s dog-eat-dog world elders are set aside or forced into retirement homes and forgotten, left alone and lonely.

In our material world values are fast changing. But some things like having reverence for elders should not change. There has to be a realization by the younger generation that they enjoy The Good Life because it was made possible by those before them.

It is time for a nation like Malaysia to do some soul-searching and discover if there is guilt among us in neglecting the elderly that are in our midst. Let us not forget that everyone gets older day by day.

When the time comes for the golden years to be celebrated will it be a journey of pain and loneliness or will there be enjoyment, support and care for the elderly before they move on to the next life?

This is why it is important to ensure that through every phase of our life there is love and support for everyone until old age is reached and hopefully society will show due reverence and respect for the lifetime contribution of the aged.


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