ASICS Unveils First-Of-Its-Kind NFT Footwear Collection

by | Jul 14, 2021 | FASHION, LIFESTYLE, Sports | 0 comments

ASICS has made its mark on the NFT market with the launch of the ASICS SUNRISE RED™ NFT Collection consisting of nine different ASICS digital footwear products – GEL-LYTE™ III, GEL-QUANTUM 360™, METARACER™ models, and a pair of ASICS flip-flops and sandals. The nine shoes will be featured in a Limited Edition release made up of 20 NFTs per shoe, and a Gold Edition release featuring each shoe in a metallic gold colourway with just one NFT per shoe.

Owners will receive digital 3D models and textures of their NFT shoes to use in animation projects and Metaverse platforms, while owners of the Gold Edition shoes and the #1 of 20 from the Limited Edition release will also be gifted a future NFT from designers selected for the Artist-in-Residence program.

(Photo Courtesy: ASICS)

The collection will be available via digital auction held on OpenSea.io, starting from 12pm ET on July 15th to July 19th. Auction proceeds will be reinvested back into the digital arts community through ASICS’ new Digital Goods Artist-In-Residence Program, which will see the brand collaborate with both established and emerging digital artists to design the next wave of NFTs.

Source: ASICS