Malaysians should support one another

by | Jul 10, 2021 | Opinions | 0 comments


Perhaps it is high time for us Malaysians to consider flying the Jalur Gemilang at half mast in memory of those who have died during this Covid-19 pandemic and also to account for the suffering of hundreds of thousands who have so far been infected by the coronavirus.

The country is right now riddled with flags of various colours flying like white, black and red and it is a clear and present sign of a country in acute distress and this is why Malaysians of all walks of life should come together to rally around and support one another.

There is no mistaking the gravity of the situation. The Covid-19 pandemic has created distraught people who are rising in numbers daily unable to cope with their plight of suffering, pain and agony that they have flung themselves at the mercy of fellow Malaysians.

Studying the human condition in Malaysia today requires you to have a strong gut and strong resolve to be able to listen to the issues of the day suffered by a growing number of Malaysians which has virtually caused the international community to describe the nation as a basket case.

This is why Malaysians need to set aside all ideological and political differences at a time like this to answer the call and cry of help from their neighbours by sharing and pooling whatever resources they may have and to enable the survival and well being of each other.

In order not to fail as a nation, there is a need for every Malaysian to look within themselves and build a stoic, sturdy and resilient nature to overcome the threat of the Covid-19 pandemic. Malaysians have to join hands and work together to fight their common enemy.

The stakes are high. Whether more lives perish or not it must be avoided at all costs. The call now is to rise to the challenge and fight the battle of overcoming the Covid-19 pandemic instead of ending up a casualty or victim. The ball is in the court of Malaysians.


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