TWICE’s Momo And Super Junior’s Kim Heechul Have Officially Ended Their Relationship

by | Jul 9, 2021 | THE GRAPEVINE | 0 comments

It’s sad but it’s true. TWICE’s Momo and Super Junior’s Kim Heechul have officially called it quits after a year and a half of dating. Fans were first alluded to the news when a source came forth, explaining that the two had “drifted apart” and were no longer seeing each other. 

The source went on to explain that it was “due to each of their busy schedules, so they ended their romantic relationship and returned to being colleagues and having a senior-and-junior relationship.”

Shortly after the news broke, representatives from Heechul and Momo’s labels, Label SJ and JYP Entertainment, issued official statements confirming what we all expected.

On Wednesday (July 8th), a representative for JYP Entertainment issued a short statement saying, “After confirming [with Momo], it’s true that they have parted ways.”

A representative from Label SJ also confirmed the news in a statement reading, “After confirming [with Heechul], it’s true that they have parted ways. However, please understand that we cannot reveal more specific details regarding the issue, as it is a matter of the artist’s privacy. Thank you.”

Heechul and Momo dating first became a topic of discussion after the pair became wrapped up in dating rumors in August of 2019, before confirming that they were indeed seeing each other in January of 2020.