Strengthening law enforcement agencies

by | Jul 9, 2021 | Opinions | 0 comments


If there is a weak link in the public delivery system, it has to be narrowed down to the way and manner in which law enforcement agencies function in the country. Currently, many Malaysians voice their unhappiness over the conduct of these agencies.

Whether it is the police or the judiciary or the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission many Malaysians are of the view that their conduct and dealings need to be more open and transparent for social justice, law and order to be achieved.

Complaints abound over these organisations and Malaysians feel denied in the sense that the weakening of these institutions will, they fear, lead to a breakdown of law and order. This is why Malaysians who are now better informed monitor the situation.

The call for watchdogs over these institutions of law has long been coming and many Malaysians feel that the lack of checks-and-balances is the undoing of these organisations as they fail to serve with distinction and honour.

To be in authority, you have to be under authority. There has to be openness and transparency, accountability by all law enforcement agencies to ensure that they are corrupt-free and not tainted  or mired in controversy.

The conduct and manner of institutions of law must be above board. Only then can the country move forward and tick with clockwork precision and achieve much growth  and development as a developing nation.

Failing to do so will only witness the country regress and become a Third World Nation which will be a crying shame since so much has been invested in building the infrastructure of this country. This is why it is imperative that law enforcement agencies toe the line.


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