Are You a Fruit Enthusiast?

by | Jul 9, 2021 | Opinions | 0 comments

Photo Credit: Flickr

By Rebecca Liew

Do you enjoy eating fruits? Fruits consumption is a healthy habit as they carry various health benefits for our body. In Malaysia, we have our tropical fruits that are widely sold everywhere. Are you aware of the nutritious benefits that we could derive from tropical fruits? 

Here are some tropical fruits and their benefits. Rambutans are well-known for their sweet and juicy flesh. This hairy fruit has high water content and is filled with essential vitamins such as Copper, Vitamin C, Magnesium and Calcium. Rambutans promote healthy digestion as it is filled with lots of fiber. 

Mangosteens are rich in antioxidants and contain anti-inflammatory purpose. It helps in losing weight and provides our skin protection from sun damage. 

Cempedaks are pungent, sweet and aromatic fruits that contain Vitamin A and are good for our eyes. The fruits are covered in a shell that resembles rubbery spikes. It could also cure illnesses such as fever and asthma.  

Star fruits, also called Carambola, are sweet and sour. These star-shaped fruits are high in fiber and Vitamin C. Star Fruits are also high in protein, Vitamin B5, Calcium, Sodium, Folate, Copper, Potassium and Magnesium. 

Langsats taste of a mixture of sweetness, tanginess and sourness. It is rich in Vitamin A, Thiamine and Riboflavin. 

Bananas are high in potassium and it contains a form of fiber called pectin. The fruit is also high in Magnesium, Vitamin C and B6. 

Papayas can help reduce the chances of getting heart disease and diabetes. The fruit also helps aid in digestion. It is a good source of Vitamin A, Folate, Magnesium, Copper and fiber.

Just like other food, these fruits need to be eaten in moderation too despite them being beneficial for our health. Fruits could also be blended and made into smoothies or eaten with yoghurt. Whichever way, you still get those needed vitamins for your body to stay healthy.