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Scha Alyahya was an IT graduate who started her career in the showbiz industry after being crowned as ‘Dewi Remaja’ in 2006. Subsequently, she became a brand ambassador, a fashion representative locally and globally, and also a businesswoman. The talented Scha feels humbled to be nominated and awarded in prestigious events throughout the years. In an interview, Scha shares with TMV on her perfume brand and her advice for youngsters who are interested to enter the show business.  

The talented Scha Alyahya decided to give acting a try as she has the passion for it. “I decided to give acting a try and pursue my dream thanks to a strong support system of people who love and believed in me,” says Scha who is dedicated to her job and has work her way to be a successful actress.  

Scha hopes that the public would continuously support and appreciate her work as she has placed a lot of effort and creativity in her job. “I am where I am today because of their endless support,” says Scha gratefully. “This inspires me to want to work harder.”

“I believe that hard work and dedication with a high level of professional discipline and decorum are the keys to a long lasting career,” says Scha. “The love and support of my family and fans have also motivated me to keep doing my best.”

“Work hard and go out of your comfort zone. Remember to also love what you do.”

Scha enjoys wearing jeans and t-shirts while pairing it up with fragrance. “I never leave home without applying perfume. I’m also enthusiastic in experimenting with fashion, art and other creations,” says the actress excitedly. “I love that fragrance could be used to express my character and I believe that it is a form of self-representation. Hence, the idea of creating my own fragrance came to mind.”

Her perfume brand, Maroon by Scha Alyahya was crafted beautifully with all Scha’s favourite scents combined in a bottle. “The fragrance has an alluring scent. Never underestimate the power of the scent of fragrance because when you smell good, you’ll feel good too,” says Scha happily. 

Throughout her career, Scha has faced some challenges but she managed to conquer them well. “Every industry has its ebb and flow. I always acknowledge the challenges and be prepared for whatever that may come my way. Despite the highs and lows, I will always remain positive,” she says. “Life is about what we do and challenges are part of self-growth to keep us moving forward.” 

When asked about her modelling career, Scha shares that modelling is a very competitive career choice although there are many benefits. “I’ve learned skills that give me strength, poise and confidence. My modelling journey has taught me how to embrace rejection and move forward to the next modelling offer,” says Scha. “Sometimes modelling is not all about opportunity but suitability.” 

“I don’t always strive for a perfect schedule but a realistic one. A balance is achieved between my personal and professional life over time and not each day,” says the actress cum model. “Some days, I might be focusing more on work while on other days, I might have more time and energy to pursue my hobby and also spend time with my loved ones. I believe that it is important to remain flexible and constantly asses my career versus my goals and priorities.”

Scha’s work involves being around people. As such, during her free time, she would spend some time with her loved ones. “I enjoy my self-care routines that enable me to unwind, readjust and reconnect myself, and enjoy quality time with my loved ones,” says Scha. “Although I am humbled to be celebrated and acknowledged locally and internationally, I feel that being a mother is so far my greatest achievement in life. Motherhood has taken me on an unexpected journey. It is a learning process and it is also full of surprises.” 

The mother of two shares her advice for young people who are interested in pursuing a career in the show business. “Tenacity, patience, diligence and dedication are main keys to success in any career,” advises Scha. ”Although it is difficult to get into the industry, do not be discouraged from the rejection received! Sometimes a ‘no’ could mean that there is a more fitting role for you. Work hard and go out of your comfort zone. Remember to also love what you do.”