Vettons Pledges A Part of 7-Day Transactions Beginning 7.7 In CSR Initiative

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Technology and digital ecosystems provider, Vettons, has unveiled a financial support package to provide relief to communities and welfare associations ravaged by the pandemic. The pledge comes in the wake of its first birthday celebration today, centred around the theme of ‘Stronger Together’ #SamaSamaSenang.

Vettons is donating RM200,000, and an additional RM2 per transaction made on the app from 7th July through till 14th July 2021, up to a total value of RM2 million. It is further donating goods and services worth RM2.4 million to support the most vulnerable groups in society, particularly the B40 and animal welfare.

At a national level, Vettons is already in the process of distributing CARE packages to ‘high-afflicted’ communities by supporting welfare associations, food banks and other partners. The tech company estimates a total of 28,000 families benefiting from their CSR drive, and a more than 100-thousand kg of pet food donation to animal shelters.

States receiving funds include Johor, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Selangor, Penang, and Kuala Lumpur. Vettons is finalising partnerships to ensure the funds and packages are received by those most in need. The company will announce additional efforts in the coming weeks to meet the needs of local communities paralysed by the continual spread of the virus.

“Companies have a big part to play by directing critical resources to the most vulnerable. At Vettons, we have all hands on deck. We are leveraging our expertise and capabilities to support communities the best way we can and know how, with help from our partners. We’re bringing food to those who need it,” said Bobby Hussein, Chief Business Officer at Vettons.

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Immediate Relief Through CARE Packages

An acronym reflective of the areas the company champions – Community, Animal,

Respect and Empathy – CARE is about giving back and encouraging others to do the same. The Vettons’ app allows users to do their part for afflicted communities through the app.

The user can opt for any care package, and its quantity, to be delivered to a choice organisation from a list of shelters and welfare associations. The list extends from the Malaysian Relief Agency and Kechara Soup Kitchen to Homeless & Orphan Pets Exist (HOPE) and PAWS Malaysia. With help from participating logistic partners, Vettons will immediately distribute these packages to its beneficiaries.

The outreach initiative is an open-for-all programme that encourages people to be responsible for all living beings around them. The aim is to broaden perspectives and to perceive the Earth as home to every being, and to act and live accordingly. The initiative assists and encourages everyone to adopt kindness in their approach to life as individuals, and as a society.

Links to stories published on this project by Vettons’ partners are as follows:

1. SPCA Penang: https://spca-penang.net/the-incredible-healing-powers-of-a-pet/

2. PAWS Malaysia: http://www.paws.org.my/the-colour-of-sunshine/

3. Kechara Soup Kitchen: https://kecharasoupkitchen.com/on-going-campaigns/

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