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Venes Fang’s inspirational story of how she started her business is a truly intriguing one. In an interview with TMV, Fang talks about how her company started and how it maintains its success by providing the best in quality and prioritising customers’ needs.

To Venes Fang, starting her own business or becoming her own boss has never crossed her mind until an eventful trip to extend her eyelashes ended up with her losing them instead. “It was during Chinese New Year when I went and do an eyelash extension with family, but the after-effect of it was our own real eyelashes started falling off. As a girl, we care about how we look and that motivated us to find the solution to our dilemma.” Determined to rectify the issue, Fang started Cavilla after she found a product which helped with eyelash growth with effective results. “The reason why I set up Cavilla was to help myself and others too. And if you can change yourself for the better, you can change the people who believe in you. That’s how we slowly built the business,” says the soft-spoken Fang.   

Today, Cavilla (M) Sdn Bhd is a successful venture with its business spanning over 20 countries in Southeast Asia, Europe and America. The sales of its products exceed 100,000 units per month, with the sales increasing two to three-fold during the MCO (Movement Control Order) period. Cavilla has a humble beginning starting out as an online store back in 2016 while Fang was still studying for a diploma course. “We have never anticipated Cavilla to be this successful. When it first started, I started small. Now we even have America and some European countries collaborating with us,” says the demure Fang.

“The reason why I set up Cavilla was to help myself and others too. And if you can change yourself for the better, you can change the people who believe in you.”

“The success of our company is mostly contributed by our customers. In the beginning, we were not that well known, so we let customers sampled our products so that they are able to experience the outcome first-hand.” Through the customers’ own positive experiences and by word-of-mouth, Cavilla became more and more well-known with an increasing number of people buying their products. “We are meticulous and uncompromising with regards to the quality of our products and the result they produce. Our customers are very satisfied with the results they get and they continue to give us very strong support.”

Fang is also proud that the prices of their products have not been increased in the past 5 years and they have even upgraded their packaging. Keeping prices unchanged in the face of increasing costs over the years especially during the current pandemic is a feat according to Fang. “We believe in giving our customers the best value for money without having to increase the prices of our products when we can help it. Even after 10 years, our customers still get to experience the best that we can provide and benefit from it.”

Cavilla’s products are only limited to eyelashes and hair tonic. Fang has not toyed with the idea of expanding the business with a new product as they are focusing on refining their product quality. To Fang, having too many products at the moment may jeopardise the current success of their existing products. “We are realistic and so we do what we do best. We value quality over quantity,” Fang says with a smile. Currently, the only Cavilla’s office is located in Kuala Lumpur. However, Fang has the intention of opening a physical store in the near future.

Throughout her journey in starting her business, Fang’s husband, Marcus Chia has been her cornerstone. “Without his support and encouragement, I would not have chosen to start my own business. I am grateful for having a good husband and an outstanding career.” Fang believes that nothing is impossible and dreams can be realised through sincere efforts. “My goal for the next 5 to 10 years is to enable more people to create different values and experience excitement through Cavilla. Trust and determination spur me towards achieving my goal.”