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YC Liang has come a long way in the world of business. The founder of GM Communications Sdn Bhd is grateful for the success she obtained and the support given by her customers. The soft-spoken Liang shares with TMV on her journey in establishing the company and her aim of making the company be the top trusted mobile spare parts supplier and service provider in Malaysia. 

“I was adopted at a very young age, I have 8 other older siblings and after I finished my secondary school, I went on to work at a phone shop. However, I stopped working there as my previous employer deducted my sales commission,” Liang says. After encouragement from her clients to start her own business, Liang took up the courage to leave her job in a search for greener pastures. “After I started my own company, those customers whom I’ve met from my former employment started dealing with me and they have never gone back to deal with their former supplier,” says Liang with a smile. 

“GM Communication has been around for about 5 years now, we started off from having 2 persons manning the office to having 80 employees now. We have quite a number of offices in different states, so we need more people to handle the work.” Liang adds that she started from scratch in learning how to run her own company, leading her team from being an amateur to where they are today. “My team went from zero to hero. It is a growing experience,” says Liang. 

“As long as you have the correct attitude, you are one step ahead of those who don’t.”

Besides being a mobile spare parts distributor, GM Communication is also providing mobile phone repair services to their customers. “Now e-commerce is an essential part of our lives, so we have brought our business online in order to bring convenience for our customers.” Liang also notes that they wished to be the only go-to company for their customers. “I used to think that we must always be the first choice for our customers, but as time goes by, it is more important to be the only choice for the customers. I want GM Communication to stand out from others.” 

Liang also emphasises on being thankful and to always serve their customers with sincerity as they have helped her build her company to where it is today. “We have to do what we have promised our customers. Starting a business is grueling, but when we manage to achieve what we have today, we must appreciate it. All of this is reward for our hard work.”

Liang attributes her achievements and success to her adoptive parents as they have sacrificed a lot just to win the custody over her. “My parents are not rich, but they spend most of their money to get custody over me and it was an arduous 6-year battle,” says Liang. Furthermore, being very apathetic in her studies, Liang’s parents were concerned about her future but she managed to pull through and in turn, Liang is proud that she can support and provide for her adoptive parents. “I am their youngest child; they have accompanied me since young and watched me grow up. People used to make bad remarks about them adopting me and raising me as their own for fear that I will be a deviant, but it all fell on deaf ears.”

“I have my partner, Vernice to thank as well. She ventured into this business with me when she was only 19 years old and have been supporting me all the way,” says Liang. Liang explains that while she is very good at sales and it is Vernice who manages the whole company. “She supported me all the way and have contributed immensely to every milestone I have achieved and for that, I am extremely grateful.”

Liang truly believes that attitude is the epitome of success for many young people who wish to be successful in life. “As long as you have the correct attitude, you are one step ahead of those who don’t.”