Checking the spread of cattle disease

by | Jun 6, 2021 | Opinions | 0 comments

Due to the fact that several Asian countries have registered the spread of Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD), the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry (Mafi) through the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) have now imposed conditions on the import of live cattle.

So far 81,252 heads of cattle in 9108 agricultural farms have been inspected by the DVS and 89 or about 0.1 per cent showed signs and symptoms of LSD.

Rumours have arisen among Netizens that LSD causes infections but this has been dispelled to be untrue as until now no infection has been detected among humans and beef is safe for consumption.

The DVS has initiated a program to detect, control and prevent the spread of LSD throughout the country which will involve all stakeholders.

In  this aspect, the Malaysian Quarantine and Inspection Services Department (Maqis) has been instructed to tighten controls at the country’s entry points and to take immediate action on cattle that showed LSD symptoms.

Deputy Minister II of Mafi  Datuk Che Abdullah Mat Nawi requested the co-operation of all cattle industry players including importers, middlemen and breeders to contact the nearest DVS office if they come across cases of LSD.