Actor David Harbour Weds Lily Allen & Reveals The Reason Behind Their Pandemic Wedding

by | Jun 4, 2021 | THE GRAPEVINE | 0 comments

Back in September, Stranger Things actor David Harbour tied the knot with girlfriend of one year, singer-songwriter Lily Allen, in a quaint, intimate ceremony in Las Vegas and officiated by Elvis, followed by reception dinner at In-N-Out Burger; naturally.

Although some would find a global pandemic a major buzzkill, and puts a damper on anyone’s wedding plans, the actor actually had a pretty wholesome reason doing so.

Harbour made an appearance on a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! earlier this week, where the actor divulged as to what pushed him to marry his ladylove straightway saying, “We got engaged right before the pandemic. Then the pandemic hit and nothing was happening.”

“We were riding around beginning of pandemic — she has two kids, these beautiful daughters, 8 and 9 — and we were riding bikes out in the country trying to figure out what we were gonna do for the next year or however long it was going to take,” recalled the 46-year-old.

“And the little one was riding along and she was going like, ‘David, dad, David, dad.’ Because the D got her confused and the older one got very upset with that, which I understand. She was like, ‘He’s not our dad! He’s not our dad!’”

(Photo Credit: David Harbour / Instagram)

“And then younger one was like, ‘Well what is he? He’s kind of our dad.’ She’s like, ‘No he’s not, he’s our stepdad.’ And she goes, ‘What is he?’ And she goes, ‘He’s just some guy in our lives!’”

Boom! That was all the sign he needed, and at that moment the actor knew that this wedding had to happen.

“At that point I was like, ‘I need to marry this woman’.”

He concluded by joking that even after the wedding, and officially becoming a permanent part of their lives, the girls still call him “some guy in our lives,” admitting that it’s the “favourite thing I’ve ever been called.”

Harbour and Allen started their world wind romance back in 2019, after both individuals separated from their respective partners—Lily with ex-husband Sam Cooper, and David with ex-girlfriend Alison Sudol.